Does the Word ‘Selfie’ Really Mean Anything for Marketing Professionals?


To get your weekend started with a laugh, check out Marketo Blog’s article on the evolution of the selfie.  Remember when the front facing camera on cell phones was a big deal?  Now the word is part of the Oxford English Dictionary and deemed word of the year.


What this means for marketing professionals is that the use of visuals is more important than ever.  Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more are becoming more relevant! 

Making Your Blog Stand Out (Ours too!)


Our blog is pretty new!  It seems like everyone has a blog these days, and we want to be sure to stand out!


We really appreciate all the insight and tips from this article:

Qualities of Loved Companies


Marketing Professionals Today wrote an article and came up with 8 traits of loved companies.  While we hope to have all of these (and know you do too), there are some that seem extra important.  Companies that are loved:

1. Inspire people

2. Have mystery

3. Are emotional


For the rest of the traits, read the full article here.

Best Ways to Track Customer Happiness


Technology is amazing.  It enables us to talk to people around the world, have things instantly, and constantly know where our family members are.  With so many technology and social media outlets changing constantly, it can be difficult to keep up.  

It is so important to keep track of customer satisfaction, “Measuring the results of marketing investments enables marketers to make data-informed decisions about how to spend future dollars, and to base their spending decisions on what has and hasn’t led to new business.”

In order to track your customers’ happiness in the best way possible, here is a great look at what is working for marketing professionals, and what is not, when it comes to CRM tools.Image

Listen…Do You Want to Know a Secret…or a Few?


We are taught in Kindergarten the importance of listening. Sometimes going back to the basics is the best thing for business. Amacus recently released an article on 11 Rules for Creating Buyer Value by Just Listening. Here are some of the favorites:

– Have empathy.

– Be interested, not just interesting.

– Stipulate your weaknesses.

– Fill in the blanks.

For the full article, click here.Image

Marketing Resolutions for 2014?


How are those New Year’s Resolutions coming?  Are you eating less?  Working out more?  Getting more organized?  While these tips from Marketing Professionals Today primarily pertain to marketing resolutions, they can really help you achieve any New Year’s Resolution:

  1. Your resolution is random.
  2. You don’t own the goal.
  3. You have no support.
  4. You don’t have steps for success.

For the full article, click here.

Social Connections Conversion


With over a dozen social media platforms out there, how do you connect to people?  Not just have them as “friends,” or “followers,” but also truly connect t

o them.  Check out some thoughts in this article from the Sales Lead Management Association Blog.

Who do you accept to follow you on social media platforms?  Think about this, “Do they simply have to ask you and you say yes? Really? You realize this not only gives them access to shove stuff at you, links, promos, requests, invitations, but in the case of LinkedIn it allows them to be one step closer to your carefully cultivated connections. Did those connections know that you just open up to anyone that asks?”

To avoid spam, and the general overwhelming feeling that can come from social media, reference the article for more tips on managing your social media circle.