E-mails are Taking Over


We know you get a lot of emails.  Like, A LOT OF EMAILS.  At the end of 2013, some pretty fascinating stuff was going on with emails.  Check out this article filled with statistics and interesting information on email trends and benchmarks.



The Dreaded Unsubscribe Button


Careful, marketing professionals.  The pressure is on to have amazing emails being sent out.  Gmail will now have a built-in “unsubscribe” button at the top of marketing emails! 

Though the tool might seem useful to consumers, it could be a business killer for companies looking to grow their customers online. But Google is actually releasing it to help businesses become more transparent and to prevent their promotional emails from being marked as spam.



4 Critical Factors to a Successful Marketing Automation Implementation


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Today, I start off with observations I’ve made during my travels in Marketing Automation consulting.

These are the things I find to be the most critical to success when implementing a Marketing Automation tool:

1- Treat it like and implementation. Apply project management methodologies to the process. Include an actual plan that includes a team with designated roles and responsibilities. Create milestones and due dates. Do requirements gathering, process flow documentation across both sales and marketing, understand the metrics as-is and goals for performance, design, testing, design, testing, user testing/red light green light. Have a formal launch plan. Designate the go-to’s for roll out, stabilization, management (this means at least 1 head count!). Have a feedback loop.

2- Have a Marketing calendar in place. Know what the plans are for marketing activities so you can plan out a phased-approach implementation. Understand the priorities and tradeoffs for using versus…

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What to Look for in Automation Software


Marketing automation has become a daily term for many workers.  Marketing is such a huge part of so many companies.

There are so many marketing tools out there for professionals.  While every person is different and likely has aspects they like about some and dislike about others, all these software options and tools serve some purpose.

The most commonly cited reason for evaluating marketing automation software is to improve lead management.  Who doesn’t want that?


How to Manage Influencer Relations


Managing influencer relations can be a very tricky part of your job.  It is always important to have great content out there from great people.  You may have a regular guest blogger, and after time, this person may come to be your friend.


Once the line between an “influencer/outreach” relationship and an actual friendship gets blurry, your job gets both harder and easier. On one hand, friends want to support you, but on the other hand… well, mixing personal relationships with business can get tricky.


Having Engagement-Oriented Content


Every brand would love to build a fan base and increase engagement. Creating engagement-oriented content increases the likelihood that your message will gain traction and spread.

Using well-executed sweepstakes promotions, drawings, and contests to reach fans can increase the likelihood that members of your audience will share with their friends—AKA, your future audience.


Engagement, incentives, and partnering up are all great ways to get engagement on posts.  Read more about these practices and more from this great article below:


Learning Customer Behavior


Knowing who your customers are is great, but knowing how they behave is even better. Their personas and demographics tell you what they might be interested in, but their behavior tells you what they definitely are interested in.

Email, social, and website behavioral targeting are all great options.  Learn more from this Marketo blog article: