The Best Practices for Event Management and Campaigns


Once you’ve gathered a lead, what is the next step?  The best practices for event management and campaigns are laid out well here.

For a more in depth look at: tradeshow planning and follow up, programs vs. campaigns, reports and CRM integration, and Marketo-integrated webinars, check out the Powerpoint that was heavily contributed to by our CEO Melissa.


Melissa provides her clients with best practices consulting in the areas of CRM and Marketing Automation including such work as:

• Cross-functional business operations focused on people, process and technologies

• Deep expertise in implementing campaign to revenue through process, tools and training

• CRM audits, road mapping, and scalability strategies

• SFDC, Marketo and Eloqua implementation, fixes, and re-implementations including integrations

• SFDC, Marketo and Eloqua consultant, system admin and end user training

• Terrific network within CRM and Marketing automation spaces to assist organizations with their projects and introduce potential full-time candidates

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