Mobile Users are the New Black


Sometimes I feel as though the second I wake up in the morning, my cell phone is in my hand.  It is usually to hit the snooze button on my alarm, but once I finally get up, the thing never leaves my side.  There are some places where cell phones are just not acceptable, and during those times I realize how peaceful it can be.  I have a new practice: whenever I hear my phone or feel it buzz, I give myself a solid 5 seconds before responding to it (10 seconds if I know it is my mom).  It helps remind me that I am in control, not my phone.


Despite this practice, I am a “Mobile User.”  My poor neglected laptop.  My poor bank account from all the data I use on my phone!  We “Mobile User” types are slowly but surely becoming a new normal.  This article is truly fascinating and filled with extremely accurate (although slightly daunting) statistics about our love affair with our phones.  Could I really pick up my phone nearly 100 times per day??

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