Use Marketing to Achieve Brand Loyalty


“No question about it, brand loyalty is down since the recession. To fight that trend, marketers have been taking the traditional route of using short-term tactics. They’ve lowered prices, instituted or expanded rewards programs, and spent more on advertising. However, those are expensive, and when everyone is using the same tactics, their effectiveness is minimized.

Something different is needed: a contextual marketing strategy to build brand loyalty.”

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This article gives tips on how to create sustainable alignment and create policy-driven market advantages.

The Many Kinds of Marketing


Marketing automation is the term for software platforms that simplify and automate repetitive tasks within marketing departments of businesses.


These services provide a way for businesses to retain customers, streamline sales operations, increase conversions and reduce marketing costs.


For a great, in depth look into a wide range of marketing topics including: e-mail marketing, the benefits of marketing automation, the facts of marketing automation, and much more, check out this great article.

The Evolution of E-mail Marketing


We are all about some hard working mamas who write about their kids.  Our CEO Melissa is pretty fabulous herself, and her kiddos are beyond adorable.


This fun mom gives a look at how her job as an e-mail marketing professional has changed just since 2009.  Remember 2009?  Twitter was just getting started.  Think how much that has changed in 5 years!!  Also, the first map app came out and Android became mainstream.


Technology grows so quickly, it’s pretty cool to see how the jobs grow with it.  Take a look at what her kids learned from googling her.

Hiring for the Content Marketing Role


So many components go into content marketing from writing to business to analysis to passion and more.  Choosing the right person to create your content is the difference between great content that inspires and bad content that sends buyers running in the opposite direction.


The best people to hire have a mixture of knowledge, experience and skills that fall into all of the above-mentioned categories.  Check out this article explaining one person’s journey to become a content marketer and what she feels is most necessary for someone in this role.

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Read more here.

Marketing Automation Helping your Sales Cycle


Customer Relationship Management is crucial to running a successful business.  These relationships can affect a sales cycle.  Marketing is just as responsible for the health of the sales cycle as the sales team.  This wonderful article gives you ten ways that marketing automation can help you shorten the length of your sales cycle – without the additional investment in time and resources.


Here are a couple great ones:

  1.      Take advantage of detailed prospect tracking.
  2.      Nurture leads who are actively participating in the research process.
  3.      Have your sales team automate follow-ups.


For the complete list of way marketing automation can help, download this article here.

Content Marketing to Revolutionize your Business


If you need a little boost to start your week, here are some great tips for content marketing that will revolutionize your business.  This list from Marketo gives a total of 31 wonderful ideas, but here are a few of our favorites:


  1.      Find one or multiple partners and launch a content marketing project together.
  2.      Define your most valuable audience and consider a targeted print publication.
  3.      Update your social media influencer list before the end of the year.
  4.      Develop a list of the top 100 questions coming from your customer base.
  5.      Commit to smarter usage of images in your content.

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For the rest of the tips, here is the full list.

How to Fix “Oopsie” Emails


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We are only human.  As Big Bird said, “everybody makes mistakes.”  While sometimes that is easier say than live by, it is alright to mess up!  When working in email marketing or on a blog, you are very prone to typos, misspelling, and many other mistakes.  This great article from Marketo breaks down how to fix these mistakes and send an “oopsie” email.  Check out how one company saved themselves with humor and an animal picture (which helps almost any situation).

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