Get a Rockstar Intern


Internship programs have been in the news a lot lately.  From places shutting them down, to other companies saying interns help them thrive, whatever stance you take: if you are going to have interns, you need to have great ones!

Skills of great interns are similar to those of great workers: punctual, dedicated, highly-skilled, motivated, and bright.  There is a new way to get these whole-package interns while also giving back!

Year Up is a non-profit with sites across the US, working to correct that imbalance between open jobs and qualified candidates. Since 2000, Year Up has helped more than 4,000 disadvantaged youth (some with high school diplomas, some with only GEDs) receive training, qualify for internships, and bridge the gap between two major problems: young people struggling with unemployment, and companies struggling to find qualified candidates for their teams.


To learn more about this awesome organization, and how you can possible find a great intern while giving back, check out this article from Marketo.

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