9 Reasons your E-mails Get Rejected


With all the marketing e-mails we send and receive each day, it is easy for e-mails to get rejected. Here are 9 reasons your e-mails may get rejected:

1. Your subject line makes a bad first impression.
2. You bored them to death.
3. You forgot to test your display.
4. You advertised a bigger, better, or cheaper version of yourself.
5. You forgot his/her name.
6. You brought up money too soon.
7. You over shared. Again.
8. You came off as insecure.
9. You didn’t listen.

For a further look at these reasons, check out this article from Marketo.

How content marketing is like Fiji


Are you stuck in the office?  Do you wish you could be sipping a frozen beverage in a warm paradise?  Well we can ALMOST make that happen for you.

Beach on Samos

Here is a fun look at how content marketing ROI and a beach in beautiful Fiji are basically the same!  Click here.

Using the Best Hashtags


Social media and blogging have become so overdone.  Many hashtags can become unbelievably annoying.  The next time you want to use a hashtag to promote your business or post, make sure it meets the following 4 criteria:

  1. On Topic
  2. Easy to Understand
  3. Unique to Your Brand
  4. Hashtag Tested


For more information and details on each, check out this article.

5 Tips to Improve your Company’s Email Marketing


Small businesses spend more on email marketing than they do on print advertising, television ads, SEO, or tradeshows, according to a survey released by Vocus / Edge Research in 2013.

Why are companies willing to spend so much on email marketing? Email marketing has a great return on investment. Reports from The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Constant Contact suggest that for approximately every $1 spent on email marketing to existing customers, companies generate approximately $40 in sales.


For 5 tips to improve your company’s email marketing practices, click here.

5 Things to STOP Doing on Your Blog Now


Blogging has become a huge part of our world.  They are everywhere and cover every topic under the sun.  If you or your company have a blog, this great article from Marketo gives you 5 things to stop doing on your blog.


Some of our favorites include: ignored blog comments, not optimizing for mobile, and hard-to-find social sharing buttons.


For the full article, and to get the rest of the tips, click here.

Take These 3 Email Marketing Improvement Challenges


Now that the first quarter of the year behind us, what will you do to maximize email marketing’s contribution to your bottom line from here on out?

Improving email open and click-through rates is an ever-present task, but I encourage you to expand your focus beyond mere campaign-by-campaign process metrics and instead try program-level objectives on for size.


This great article from Marketing Profs gives 3 email marketing improvement challenges for 2014: increase subscriber engagement, increase revenue per subscriber, increase (or begin) behaviorally triggered email campaigns.

For the full article click here.

3 Email Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself


According to this article from Small Business Trends, the 3 email marketing questions to ask yourself to see if your small business is maximizing its use of email marketing software are: Are you analyzing your data?, Is social sharing integrated into your marketing emails?, and Are you A/B testing?


For the full article, click here.