Engagement Marketing in Today’s Market


“We don’t all have to practice all the principles of engagement marketing on day one. Nor do we want to view these principles as a destination to be reached. Instead, they are guideposts for all of us marketers as we shift our mindset, strategies, and tactics from traditional techniques to modern techniques.”

Here is a look at engagement marketing in today’s world.

What We Can Learn from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


We spoke about trends last week on the blog, and a huge trend right now is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Here are a few things that this crazy phenomenon taught us:
1. Personalize participation
2. Employ the (Positive) Power of Peer Pressure
3. Everyone loves a star
4. Make it fun

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How You May be Sabotaging your E-mail Marketing


Tried and true methods for e-mail marketing are constantly changing.  For the four ways you may be sabotaging your e-mail marketing, click here.

What Your Marketing Automation Platform Can do for You!


Every marketing automation platform uses some type of reporting. After all, how can you justify the cost of the tool if you can’t report the results of your efforts? But while every platform displays reports in different ways, and every marketer has different needs, there are some major insights that your marketing automation platform must be able to do.

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E-mail Marketing is More Personal


With technology coming at us from every direction, it is easy to believe that we are disconnected from people.  The e-mails are overwhelming, we constantly know where people are based on status updates and not real talking, and so many more things are just done quickly and without any personalization.


That is not the case for e-mail marketing.  Here is a list of ways technology makes e-mail marketing more personal, not less:


  1. All subscribers are not created equal.
  2. Look at overall behavior.
  3. Visibility is key.

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For more details, or to read the whole article, click here.

Gear your Content to the Customer


“Content is King” and “this is the year of content” are thrown around on a regular basis, and have been for the past several years. Many of those references pertain to search engine rankings and algorithm updates, even though that’s not what content creation should be focusing on.


You need to be sure your content is geared towards what is most important: the one who may buy your product or become a customer.  Marketing Professionals gives some great tips in this article:


  1. Publish only good content
  2. Write for your target market
  3. Create useful content

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For the full list of tips, read the article here.