What Twitter Can Teach Us About Marketing Automation


Here are a few things Twitter can teach us about marketing automation users:
1. Marketing automation users are social.
2. Marketing automation users are everywhere.
3. Marketing automation users are well-rounded.
For a further look at these facts, check out this article from Marketo.

Engagement Marketing in Today’s Market


“We don’t all have to practice all the principles of engagement marketing on day one. Nor do we want to view these principles as a destination to be reached. Instead, they are guideposts for all of us marketers as we shift our mindset, strategies, and tactics from traditional techniques to modern techniques.”

Here is a look at engagement marketing in today’s world.

7 Tips to Increase your E-mail Deliverability


Email marketing has the highest return on investment of any marketing medium. It’s a powerful tool that’s not going away any time soon.

Here are 7 tips to increase your e-mail deliverability:

1. Start with clean list building practices.
2. Keep lists current.
3. Have an online presence.
4. Develop engaging content.
5. Test.
6. Track performance over time.
7. Hire an e-mail service provider.

Read more here.

Weekly Salesforce News


“Salesforce.com, already a big dealer of enterprise software, looks set to launch a whole new product line at its Dreamforce conference next month. The name: Analytics Cloud.” For a full look at the latest news from Salesforce, click here.

Setting Up A Marketing Calendar


If you are still looking for reasons to set up a marketing calendar, Marketo has come up with 4 great ones:
1. You can see everything in one unified calendar.
2. You can create and share views unique to the needs of marketers.
3. You can build campaigns directly through the calendar.
4. You can be more agile.

For more information on these reasons to get a marketing calendar and more, read this article.

The Social Media Habits of Fortune 500 Companies


Currently, 157 companies on the Fortune 500 list (31%) have public-facing corporate blogs, a decrease of 3% in the number of blogging companies from 2013 levels, according to according to recent research conducted by Nora Ganim Barnes, PhD, at The Center for Marketing Research, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

For an interesting look at the social media habits of many Fortune 500 companies, click here.

Content Marketing World Round-up


Here is a great round-up of Content Marketing World 2014, a wonderful marketing conference. These were the biggest trends and hot topics this year:
1. Just do it better.
2. You don’t have to be good at everything.
3. Content marketing is still in early days.
4. “Influencers” aren’t always influential.
5. Voice is just as important as story.

For a full look at these, and a general look at the conference, click here.