What Twitter Can Teach Us About Marketing Automation


Here are a few things Twitter can teach us about marketing automation users:
1. Marketing automation users are social.
2. Marketing automation users are everywhere.
3. Marketing automation users are well-rounded.
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Using Pinterest to Market


We have talked about many social networking sites and other means of getting word out about your business. One that we have not talked about much, but is super important, is Pinterest. Here is a great article from Marketo on how to use Pinterest to market.


The Social Media World is Crazy Right Now


There is a whole lot happening in the world of social media right now.  If you can’t keep up (like the rest of us) here is some insight, finally!

Social Networks Play The Game of Thrones


Social networks seem to be taking over the world.  Much like HBO’s Game of Thrones.  Between Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, and all the others, it’s almost like a war to keep up!  What would the social networks be like if they played the Game of Thrones?


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Measure your Return on Customer Engagement


With the proliferation of new and emerging channels, marketers continue to struggle to determine where to invest their limited marketing dollars to achieve their acquisition objectives in the most effective way.


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How You May be Sabotaging your E-mail Marketing


Tried and true methods for e-mail marketing are constantly changing.  For the four ways you may be sabotaging your e-mail marketing, click here.