Beat the Competition with these Customer Confessions


You have lots of competition in this world.  For your company, hearing these confessions from customers may help you figure out how to stand out against those competitors.

Choose the Right Content Marketing Software


There are so many choices at the ice cream parlor.  Some people like to try a new one each time they go and love being adventurous.  Other people pick a flavor and get it every time since it’s reliable (hey mint chocolate chip!).


With so many choices out there for content marketing software, how do you pick the right one for you and/or your company?  If you need help picking what is right for you, this article may help!

Is E-mail Marketing Right for You?


“Engagement is the name of the game in the new millennium. It is all about networking and building relationships with your consumers with some form of continual contact. One of the best means of communication is by email. If you are not building a strong, reliable email list, you are making a big mistake! How do you expect to generate sales for your products or services and achieve sustainable growth in your business?”


For a more in-depth look at figuring out if e-mail marketing is right for your company or not, check out this great article.

7 Must-Do Things for Successful Content Marketing


It seems like more and more companies are using content marketing strategies to reach their customers.  One main drive behind this is blogging; which has become so mainstream and popular.  Most businesses understand that content is an extremely important part of their online marketing strategy, but not all businesses know how to use their content properly for the best effect. The problem is further complicated by the fact that there’s a lot of outdated or just bad advice circulating, and it isn’t always easy to know which bits can be trusted.

Triple Dart Shows Successful Winning Perfect Aim

For a list of 7 must-do things for successful content marketing, click here.

Salesforce Update

Standard is scheduled to report its Q1FY15 results Tuesday, May 20. The company is the world’s largest pure-play cloud software company, with annual revenues of approximately $4 billion and a market capitalization over $30 billion. Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offering competes against on-premise offerings from software giants.


Salesforce is making moves.  For more information on what is going on in the big company, check out more here.

Use Social Media the Cool Way


Take a moment and think back to high school. Remember the “cool kids”? You know… the popular ones everyone wanted to be like, the ones who managed to stay ahead of the trends that everyone later followed in hopes of being cool. Unless you were one of the few chosen ones, there was almost nothing you could do to achieve their status.

Social Media Marketing Meter Shows Information Support And Communication

If you want to make up for it and be a cool kid now, this article gives some ways cool kids are using social media to achieve business goals.

Jump Start Marketing Automation


If you are looking for great ways to jump start your company’s marketing automation practices, this awesome article from Marketo gives some great pointers.