Taming the Data Quality Dragon- Things to Consider That Are Commonly Missed


What is worse than bad data? Bad data without a strategy to make it better to best data with constant cleanup. What’s worse yet, rolling out your strategy and having missed critical steps that then wreak havoc on your data customers (SFDC users, etc.). Devising a data quality strategy is not just about cleaning bad data and getting it done. There are many areas that are overlooked and/or undervalued. Here are those key areas to consider in your data quality strategy plan:

1- Defining Root Causes- Conduct data input audits. Review forms, uploading rules, integration input standardizations, field standardizations (telephone, state/province, country), if there rules for automating the correct standards for data entry, and email validation processes.

2- Cleaning Impact- When cleaning existing data, it is imperative to reduce the risk of triggering off workflows, emails, etc. when cleaning data. Define priorities for batch cleansing with an organized plan for turning down alerts across systems to avoid unnecessary interruptions to your internal data customers. Word to the wise, weekend cleanups are the way to go for any data set to enable your ability to pull back and roll back data.

3- Backup Data- Before you do ANYTHING, be sure to take full back ups of your data. No questions asked on this one.

4- Communications With Your Data Customers- Make sure you have a communication plan for those who are going to be impacted by data cleanup and standardization efforts. Send communications a few weeks before things get started and be sure to engage leadership in the data customer communities to be a part of those communications. There should be ongoing communications once launched and for any ongoing maintenance runs. Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to changing data on data customers!!!!

Also, although this is a little stale, I still think that this covers a lot of great information with links to great resources on data quality: http://topliners.eloqua.com/docs/DOC-2402

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What Twitter Can Teach Us About Marketing Automation


Here are a few things Twitter can teach us about marketing automation users:
1. Marketing automation users are social.
2. Marketing automation users are everywhere.
3. Marketing automation users are well-rounded.
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Salesforce Takes Over the #127 Spot


In the latest news from Salesforce, they have taken over the #127 spot in the S&P 500. For more on this, check out this article from Forbes.

Engagement Marketing in Today’s Market


“We don’t all have to practice all the principles of engagement marketing on day one. Nor do we want to view these principles as a destination to be reached. Instead, they are guideposts for all of us marketers as we shift our mindset, strategies, and tactics from traditional techniques to modern techniques.”

Here is a look at engagement marketing in today’s world.

Build A Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy


Here are a few important steps to help you build a successful influencer marketing strategy.

1. Know your influencers.
2. Form a relationship with them.
3. Tell them exactly what you want from them.
4. Give them a reason to share.
5. Tell them everything they need to know.

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7 Tips to Increase your E-mail Deliverability


Email marketing has the highest return on investment of any marketing medium. It’s a powerful tool that’s not going away any time soon.

Here are 7 tips to increase your e-mail deliverability:

1. Start with clean list building practices.
2. Keep lists current.
3. Have an online presence.
4. Develop engaging content.
5. Test.
6. Track performance over time.
7. Hire an e-mail service provider.

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